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One Touch Response is India’s 1st On Demand Safety Service, which provides a Quick Response and Immediate Assistance Service to its customers, whenever they are faced with any real life situation involving Personal Safety.

We provide a range of unique Safety Services available through our mobile app. Download now. You may also call our Emergency Helpline.

HelpME Response – On Demand Assistance, 24x7

One Touch Response® provides a range of safety & emergency assistance services. The HelpME Response button gives you instant access to our services. As soon as you press the HelpME button, your mobile device will dial the preprogrammed Toll Free number of our 24 X 7 Command & Control Center and an Incident Manager will be on call with you within a matter of seconds. He/She will gather all vital information on your situation and initiate an appropriate response. Simultaneously, an alert is received by our nearest Immediate Assistance Team on their Responder App, and they start moving towards your location, as can be tracked by our server, saving precious minutes in response time.
We will also call and coordinate with state agencies and various emergency service providers, such as ambulances, the police, fire department, doctors, locksmiths, and more. Other benefits include navigation directions, crucial services at odd hours, counseling, and solutions for a host of other emergency requirements.
TrackME – On Demand Safety 24 X 7

One Touch Response® TrackME Service provides a reliable custodian, consistently keeping a watch over you, whenever required. We understand the need to have someone to watch over you, someone who knows your where abouts, in more than a few situations. Aligned with this, we provide constant monitoring service for instances, such as when you are on a long journey, travelling through a rough neighborhood or commuting during week hours.
How We Help
Whenever you feel the need to have someone to ensure your safety by keeping a constant check on you, One Touch Response® is here to help. All we need is to be notified of the exact time you want the monitoring to start and the intervals of follow-up calls. We leverage your mobile device GPS to track your movements, besides calling you at predefined intervals, until you are safe.
Situation 1
In the event that you are in distress when we check on you, we immediately dispatch our Immediate Assistance Team to come to your aid and also notify the required authorities, such as the police and ambulance services. And coordinate the overall response effort on the ground (Currently only in Delhi & NCR).
Situation 2
When you can't be reached during any of our TrackME, we track your movements using GPS and coordinate efforts to find you with help from relevant state agencies, as soon as possible. We track your last location and share it with them – particularly when you travel beyond Delhi/ NCR. Your loved ones might call you regularly when you travel, but they may not be equipped to provide the help required.
Use our TrackME Service and Stay Safe, when alone or travelling. (Available only through our mobile app. Download now.)
AssistME – On Call Safety 24 X 7

The One Touch Response® Mobile App comes with a AssistME button allows you to send an SMS alert with your location details, from your mobile device to your Family/Emergency Contact(s), as is set up by you during your registration process. To add/edit Family/Emergency Contacts, please log into My Account.
Use our AssistME Service and Stay Safe, when alone or travelling. (This service is available FREE through our mobile app. Download now.)

Our promise is - On Call in Seconds - With You in Minutes, 24 X 7.

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