How It Works

One Touch Response is India’s 1st On Demand Safety Service, which provides a Quick Response and Immediate Assistance Service to its customers, whenever they are faced with any real life situation involving Personal Safety.

Our promise is - On Call in Seconds - With You in Minutes, 24 X 7.

Personal Safety now comes at the touch of a button.

Mobile App For Instant HelpME Response

Download the OTR Mobile App and register. In any emergency situation, just press the HelpME button in our app and get Immediate Response. Our Mobile App automatically tracks your location and connects you to the OTR Command & Control Centre, while simultaneously sending out a system alert with your location coordinates to the nearest OTR Immediate Assistance Team. It also alerts your Emergency Contact(s) automatically via an SMS.

On Call In Seconds – 24 X 7

The OTR Command and Control Center – the first point of contact for our Users – forms the core of our operating model, providing immediate response to those in distress, 24x7.Our Incident Managers have proven expertise in crisis management, including safety and precautionary measures. They understand the gravity of crisis, and ensure help is on its way. They guide you to make rational decisions – while our Immediate Assistance Team reaches you in minutes. Other benefits include navigation directions, crucial services at odd hours, counselling, and solutions for a host of other emergency requirements.

  • 24X7 Command & Control Center - One point contact for any emergency.
  • Qualified & professionally trained incident managers.
  • Training based on international and Israeli security procedures.
  • Provides immediate on-call safety guidance.
  • PAN India on-call guidance to handle the situation.
  • Coordination with external agencies such as police, ambulance, hospitals and mobilization of other Emergency Service Providers.
On Ground Assistance In Minutes - 24 X 7

Equipped to manage all types of emergencies or distress situations a common citizen may face in urban India, our Immediate Assistance Teams are trained to provide first aid, administer CPR, use a tourniquet to control bleeding, and coordinate movements between the ambulance / doctors. In addition, our Immediate Assistance Teams include numerous unarmed combat experts who are there to provide protection if there is any sort of threat to personal safety.

  • On-ground Physical Response 24 X 7
  • Round-the-clock deployment, covering locations in NCR –Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.
  • Equipped with our Responder App, the Immediate Assistance Teams can quickly reach your location, based on GPS navigation.
  • Skilled & professionally trained on basic Medical Assistance including CPR, Unarmed Combat, Isolation Techniques, Evacuation & Crowd Management, Fire Safety, and Self Protection.
  • Equipped with adequate Emergency Response Tools–First Aid Kit, Pepper spray, Fire Extinguisher, Baton, Rope, Tools, etc.
  • Stringent Recruitment, Antecedents & Character verification of all Team members.
Single Point Coordination With all Emergency Service Providers

As soon as we receive an HelpME Response, one of our Command & Control Center Incident Managers will gather all vital information and initiate an appropriate response. Based on the emergency situation, we call and coordinate with state agencies and various emergency service providers, such as ambulances, the police, fire department, doctors, chemists, mechanics, towing companies, handymen, locksmiths, and more.

On standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our extensive network and database of vital services and professionals across the length and breadth of the areas we cover, enables us to address all sorts of emergencies.

Our promise is - On Call in Seconds - With You in Minutes, 24 X 7.

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