Need for Employee Safety

Employees being one of the most valuable assets of an organisation, every year billions of dollars are lost by companies worldwide due to employee absenteeism. As per reports, 37% of absenteeism is because of employee's personal & family emergencies.
While organisations have always been putting a lot of effort in bringing out a well-balanced employees benefits, perks and compensation plan to keep the employees motivated and attracted to organisation. Given the ever growing rate of crime, road accidents and medical emergencies in our cities. Corporate leaders now are increasingly understanding the benefits of well laid response mechanism for the personal safety of employees & their families,
A Quick & Professional Response Service for the Safety of Employees has now become a necessity - The best perk you can provide to your employees.


One Touch Response is India’s 1st On Demand Safety Service, which provides a Quick Response and Immediate Assistance Service to its customers, whenever they are faced with any real life situation involving Personal Safety.
  • Single point contact for all emergency situations.
  • In operations since 2013, currently in Delhi NCR, we are growing very fast and serving over 10,000 customers.
  • Well manned, round the clock operational Command & Control Center.
  • Wide network of Professional & Trained Immediate Assistance Teams across NCR.
  • Experience of handling multiple incidents simultaneously.
  • Extensive network of external service providers which includes Hospitals, Ambulance Service Providers, Medical Practitioners, Car Mechanics, Pharmacies, Handymen's, etc.
  • Many progressive organizations use our services to ensure an effective, innovative, and affordable safety cover for their employees.


    Personal Emergency Response Services

    Mobile App

    Touch HelpME For Alert

    Home Emergency Services

    Control Center

    Get Connected In Seconds

    Emergency Medical Help with OTR

    On Ground Team

    Reaches You In Minutes

    Emergency Services on Road

    Emergency Services

    Coordination with Police & Family


    Personal Safety

    • Stalking/Being Followed
    • Imminent Physical Threats
    • Road Rage
    • Feeling Unsafe

    Medical Emergencies

    • Ambulance Arrangements
    • Injuries
    • Sudden Sickness
    • Emergency Medicines at Odd Hours

    On Road Assistance

    • Road Accident
    • Car BreakDown
    • Tyre Puncture
    • Key Retrieval
    • Emergency Fuel

    Safety at Home

    • Minor Fire
    • Gas Leakage
    • Intrusion
    • Loss of Keys

    Some of the responsible & progressive corporates associated with us