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One Touch Response was conceived by a group of individuals who looked around and noticed the deteriorating security and safety environment for the common citizen in Delhi and neighboring regions. Though the State Authorities are always there for serious emergencies, what happens to a person who has a car breakdown late at night on a lonely road? What happens to a person who is threatened in a minor road rage? Who do people call in case of a medical emergency at night? The family member, might be too far away, or may not be available to help, or trained to administer first aid.


There are a plethora of rescue resources – doctors, ambulances, police stations, and fire stations – but they are difficult to access, and as things are today a person needs to dial different numbers to access each of them.

One Touch Response is working to be the One Stop Response for any such distress situation.

The promoters of One Touch Response studied different response models being deployed to help citizens in distress in different parts of the world. What emerged is a hybrid model of best practices to deal with various types of crisis.

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Since we set up our operations in 2013, we have helped thousands of customers feel safe and assisted hundreds. Read here about what our customers have to say about our service.

We are proud to have been covered by many major media (Newspapers and TV channels) including many international media. Read our Media coverage.

We are growing rapidly and are always looking for young, motivated and talented professionals to join our Team. If you are interested to be part of us and make a difference to the daily lives of millions of Indians, click here.

Our promise is - On Call in Seconds - With You in Minutes, 24 X 7.

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