A 24x7 emergency response assistance, available to you at the click of a button.

Countless stories, made and told.

On the evening of 10th November 2013, a woman sent a distress signal after suspecting an act of stalking and following. After 10 minutes, she was safe at home & telling her rescue story.

Response within seconds

The technology that Isreal, America and The United Kingdom have been using for over 15 years has been brought to India for the first time by OTER. Using the same technology as used by the United Hatzalah (Emergency Services) in Israel, we respond to your emergency within seconds hence reducing time between the occurrence of an emergency and arrival of help. And it all begins at the click of a button.

Individuals bound with a common purpose

When these few individuals from diverse backgrounds came together for a cause, not only unique skill sets but also an unmatched zeal to do some good was discovered. Bound by striking experiences, they call themselves the One Touch team, whose strengths lie in their unparalleled ability to respond to an emergency situation.

We value lives

At One Touch Response, as we strive to make our city a safer place, we look for people with skills ranging from empathy to willingness and desire to help others. Be it the resident of Safdurjung Enclave who took up discipline as his life’s mantra or the young man who found his inner peace and happiness, everyone places their confidence in us.

Assured assistance

Statistically, it takes the brain up to 30 seconds to register that you are in an emergency, another 90 seconds to comprehend it and 120 seconds to decide what you should do next. Now either you spend another 5 to 15 minutes to get in touch with someone and another 25 to 30 minutes to get their assistance, or 5 seconds to press a button, 60 seconds to get in touch with a trained response team, and 20 minutes to receive professional by OTER.